Whether you’re a hardcore fan of cock-cages or you just dabble in a bit of denial every now and then, chastity is hot because it builds you to the point where any kind of sex play is imbued with a hint of magic.

Kinky Clothes

Kinky clothes for the fetishist in you.

Medical Fetish

Impersonal examinations? Awesome doctor and nurse uniforms? Those hot rubber gloves again? Yeah, I’m definitely down with medical fetishes. I suspect there’s a pretty vast gulf between the medical play that happens in the bedroom and the more hardcore experience that genuine medical fetishists are after with Mistresses and Masters. Elements of this play will be a turn on for a hell of a lot of people. Plenty of people get a thrill from the idea of being examined or inspected. Perhaps it's the stripping naked and having someone appraise your body. This comes up in a lot of BDSM play as well as during medical fetish fantasies. Hottest medical fetish product: without a doubt these Kinklab rubber grip forceps. Your doctor or nurse can use them in all manner of places, of course, but for me they say one thing: nipples. Ouch.


For some people the texture of smooth latex against their skin rocks their boat. For others just the sight of the material does the trick: naturally the tightest PVC skirt or pair of pants is going to look pretty damn spectacular.  For me, though, the appeal of PVC and latex has everything to do with the sensation of tightness, and the wonderful sounds that it makes.  You know you're hooked if the sound of someone snapping on a rubber glove can turn your head. Medical gloves are perfect. White and tight and springy to the touch? Something about that snap can give you a pretty special tingle. Although the snap pales into insignificance when compared with the delightful ‘thwack’ sound of someone getting spanked in PVC. Proof, if any were needed, that you don’t need to have a specific fetish for it to enjoy its many delights.