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For erotic lingerie and erotic clothing browse the Kinky Designs Clothing store.

The Kinky Designs Clothing range includes fabulous dance wear, Sexy Costumes, luxurious and Erotic Lingerie.


Quality erotic lingerie at affordable prices at Kinky Designs.

Whether you just want to feel sexy or you need lapdancing clothes or club dance wear or maybe you just want to spice up your love life with some erotic lingerie for the bedroom - our stunning collection will make it happen.


We have taken the time to personally select a range of luxurious erotic lingerie to make you look and feel sexy. Each item in our range has been selected based on its quality and style. Browse through our collection of erotic lingerie and find something special just for you.


We are proud to present a range of stunning new dance wear and erotic clothing designed to make you the centre of attention. Our range includes some of the sexiest clothes you will find anywhere on the internet.  Be amazed by our Sexy Clubwear and Dresses.


Looking for a sexy costume for a great night out or a sexy night in? Then browse through our range of quality costumes. We have selected a range of complete costumes with accessories to complete a very sexy look.


By Jess White. Jess has been a long serving member of the Kinky Designs Clothing and Lingerie team and is always available to assist customers whenever and wherever she can. Jess White